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JasperETL - Send Parameter

Good afternoon.
I'm doing some testing within the ETL control.
One such test is to read a table in the database and send the resulting rows as a parameter to a file. "bat. "
The test I've done is:
1. Using the generator of rows to create a column of type string that returns 3 rows with me random text.
2. Connect the generator to a "tRunJob" which consists solely of the bat performance console that I made.
3. Running the "job" I see that clearly runs 3 times my process. "bat" without any parameters.
I tried to create a "Context Group" with a variable.
This variable I have tried to use within the generator of rows in the "tRunJob" and "tSystem" but I can not do that pass parameters correctly.
Could someone tell me what the series of steps to send "N"number of rows in a "tRowGenerator" as parameters to a console?
I hope you can help and thanks in advance.
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Re: JasperETL - Send Parameter

What I have done now is to make it simple.
1. Use the "tRowGenerator"to create a column called "FileName"that generates random strings 3 rows.
2. I think a "tSystem"pointing to my file ".bat"
3. both steps one through a link of type "iterate".
4. Within the parameters of "tSystem" I create a new parameter named "Parameter" with the following value: (String) globalMap.get ("tRowGenerator_FileName")
But the file is still running ".bat" without any string generated by the "tRowGenerator".
Can you help?
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Re: JasperETL - Send Parameter

You are on the right road, the only problem is you don't know how to iterate each row generated by tRowGenerator. Your job looks like:
"cmd /c D:/file/test/ff_0.1/ff/ff_run.bat --context=Default --context_param name="+row1.FileName

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Re: JasperETL - Send Parameter

Thanks, works fine.