Jasper subreports with tJasperReportExec component.

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Jasper subreports with tJasperReportExec component.

hi  am working in a job that utilize jasperreport component , i haved many problem to the utilize the components jasper.


a big problem that haved was that job to the compile haved one error because dont found javac file.


after i found one clue  this clue was agregate the route from  folder that have the file javac that found in the folder jdk 1.8 in enviroment variables in the variable path from windows after close and open talend and this solution worked for me.


but i have other problem my report have a subreport and more troublesome have parameters than i dont know. how pass the parameters to the report and less execute the sub report  associated


someone maked work one report with subreport and have a example 



Re: Jasper subreports with tJasperReportExec component.


tJasperReportExec is written by talend community user Jan Lolling and shared on talend exchange portal. We don't have the source code of these components.  It is the ownership of the person who built it.

Please feel free to contact the author directly.

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