Jar files download and install

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Jar files download and install

I am unable to download and install missing jar files automatically.
why the download and install all modules available button is disable.
attached screenshot for your reference.

Re: Jar files download and install

Some third party modules cannot be available in talend, which can be downloaded from external website.

Could you please follow up these steps to sync up these external libraries with commandline?

1: Open a remote project from studio (make sure that your SVN/ Nexus is running well at the same time)

2: Install your required external libraries by using Module view(Window-->Show View-->Talend-->Modules)

In this way, SVN/ Nexus will sync up your required external libraries automatically and then commandline will get them from .m2 repository to deploy your job.

Please take a look at my screenshots and let us know if it works.
Best regards

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