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JSONPath syntax for tFileInputJSON

I am having a problem getting my JSONPAth query correct to extract complete records using tFileInputJSON
This configuration seems to work:
Column JSONPath Query
id $
name $
film_title $..customFields
HOWEVER, not every item has all customFields.
So the output record contains the next available film_title, not the film_title for that item.
I know I need to somehow extract the fields for a particular item, rather than retrieve all elements of each type as the $.. does, but unlike the XML components there seems no way of selecting a loop element. The documentation at has not helped either.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
JSON Sample
"items": [
"id": 73654804001,
"name": "Ninja Assassin - TV trailer",
"shortDescription": "From the people who brought you The Matrix ",
"longDescription": "An ultra-violent ninja odyssey about an ancient art of assassins.",
"videoStillURL": "http:\/\/media\/TV-trailer.jpg?pubId=64298585001",
"thumbnailURL": "http:\/\/media\/image.jpg?pubId=64298585001",
"referenceId": "Movies_12518899",
"customFields": {
"sub_channel": "Trailer",
"film_title": "Ninja Assassin",
"movie_genre": "Action \/ Adventure",
"release_date": "22\/01\/2010",
"actors": "Rain, Naomie Harris, Ben Miles, Sho Kosugi, Rick Yune",
"director": "James McTeigue",
"channel": "Movies"
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Re: JSONPath syntax for tFileInputJSON

work to select the JSON array of custom fields:
{"sub_channel":"Movie shows","movie_genre":"Top 10s","show_series":"Top 10s","channel":"Movies"}
But I can't suss the syntax to extract movie_genre of "Top 10s" or film_title of ""
I haven't got the @ syntax to work for me.
The sum total of JSONPath examples on the Web is the same bookstore example. Perhaps if I knew Xpath better I would understand.
Help please - I'll keep experimenting