JSON to AWS ElasticSearch

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JSON to AWS ElasticSearch

I am trying to insert a basic Json String into AWS ElasticSearch. I am using tFileInputJSON--> tLogROW -->tRESTClient to insert the JSON String. The json string with the following value {"id":1, "name":"TestInsert"} has been extracted by tFileInputJSON, displayed by tLogRow but fails on tRESTClient execution. 


I have the following populated in tRESTClient

URL = "https://search-abc-syzede.es.amazonaws.com"

Relative Path ="/testindex/doc:9200"

HTTP Method = PUT, Content Type = JSON, Accept Type = JSON


Note: I validated the URL by accessing ElasticSearch through Kibana. While running the talend job i am always getting a connection time out error. Am i using the correct components? Is my approach used to insert data to ES correct ?


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Re: JSON to AWS ElasticSearch


Talend support for ElasticSearch RestClient (http protocol) since V 6.4.1

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