JSON Input dynamic Schema

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JSON Input dynamic Schema



Working in Talend Open Studio 6.4.

I need to work with a JSON as input file, which I get as response from an API.

However, the schema of this JSON may change from one request to another. 

Is there a way to make the JSON input schema dynamic?

I know of tJsonnormalize, but according to docuentation it is only compatible up to 5.6 version. 

Any Ideas are welcome.



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Re: JSON Input dynamic Schema

what is "dynamic" in Your schema?
and what finally You try to achieve ?

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Re: JSON Input dynamic Schema


pretty much every thing is dynamic.

It's a template for profile creation send by an API. The number of fields varies. While some are standard, their position may varies. Some exist in one file and may not exists in another....

From this template and a csv file containing actual data, I'll create my users in API.

I can certainly define one schema for one instance, but for next run, the schema will be different, and for the next as well, and so on


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