JMX monitoring setup

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JMX monitoring setup

I'm trying to configure JMX monitoring of Karaf. We are running all defaults at this point. I am trying to connect using jconsole using the following connection string:
and the default username/password in the karaf file.
I get a "cannot establish connection" connection.
I have verified I can "telnet" to those ports from the same PC I am running jconsole on. Our iptables firewall is currently not running on the ESB server.
Any experience with this? Is there something else I need to enable/configure to get this to work?

Re: JMX monitoring setup

I've had some similar issues where I think we had to open port 1098 through the firewall in addition to 1099. That connection is initiated from the target VM back to the JMX client. For sure this happened with Tomcat, but I think I had to do the same thing with Karaf as well.
If I recall correctly, the behavior I saw with JConsole was that it appeared to connect, but no information came up and eventually it timed out.

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