Iterating to Combine Parent-Child Related Input Files

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Iterating to Combine Parent-Child Related Input Files

[Apologies if this is wrong forum, and I'm saying up front I'm on the steep side of the TOS learning curve but I could use some directional help...]


I have three normalized input CSV tables - Customer who have one or more Projects and Events relating to these projects.  Assume all the appropriate primary and foreign keys are there.


My goal is to create a single CSV file with two fields - customer ID and legacy_summary (large text field).  Legacy_summary would have a simply summary text of multiple lines (with /n) to report report key details for each customer_ID from the legacy data tables.  Something akin to:


Project 123, Start Date: 1/1/2015, Revenue: $567

   Meeting - 2/1/15 - Sally met with team and discussed scope.

   Quote Send - 2/7/15 - Sally forwarded initial scope.

   Meeting - 2/14/15 - John responds with details on adjustments.


Project 345, Starte  Date 6/1/16, Revenue $87,476

   Presentation - 6/1/16 - kickoff meeting

   Email - 6/2/16 - William sent initial thoughts

   etc etc etc


I've tried lots of ways to solve this but could use some experienced help to point me to the right combination of input, loop, map and java (or whatever combination thereof).  I need help with loop nesting and how to accomplish type of interactive output in TOS.  Wring a program like this is pretty straight forward but I need to build this type of functionality into a larger TOS project.


Thank you - in advance - for any pointers you might have!





Re: Iterating to Combine Parent-Child Related Input Files


Could you please elaborate your case with an example with input and expected output values?

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