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Iterating input to tMap

Hello everyone!
I need help achieving the following:
I have three dbInputs, one corresponds to a time dimension, the other to a product dimension, and another one contains sales.
I have managed to use tMap to select the sales corresponding to products in the product dimension and time dimension. But what I really need is to iterate through the time dimension, so that for each timeDim i have, I can select sales by product with a specific date and process those.........
I tried using a tIteratetoFlow in between the timeDim input and the tMap but I'm guessing this is not right. I'm so tired i can't think any more! Smiley Sad
HELP! Thank you!
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Re: Iterating input to tMap

You can use the iterate link to iterate the records throuth the time dimension.(see the screenshot)
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Re: Iterating input to tMap

Thank you very much!