Iterate of MySQL Query results

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Iterate of MySQL Query results

I need to create a separate RSS file for each row in a MySQL database using TOS 3.0.3 and Java.
A straight through tMySQLInput -> tMap -> tRSSOutput generates a single RSS file with each row as an article. I know I need to iterate at some point, but am unsure where or how to do it.
I have redone the job so that two SQL queries are done. The first to retrieve a list of IDs and a second to retrieve the row(s) for each ID.
When tracing the job, a row appears for row1, but nothing appears for row2, row3 or RSS.
I am getting a RSS file written for each ID, but it is using context variables that I am setting in the top tJavaRow component and not the row data form the second tMySQLInput component.
Is there some magic that I am missing to iterate of SQL data, do a second query off of it and work with the results?
Please advise,
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Re: Iterate of MySQL Query results

Hi Robert,
if you need one file for each row take a look at 22999
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Re: Iterate of MySQL Query results

Thanks for the pointer.
I found the following link referenced in the article:

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