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Iterate Through A Multi-Row JSON File

I'm new to Talend so am probably missing something simple
I'm simply trying to use tFileInputJSON to load a number of JSON objects (all the same structure and each on a single line) into SQLServer.
It all works fine unless the file contains more than a single row, at which point I get a NullPointerException:
Exception in component tFileInputJSON_1
at mfx_amq_v1.test_0_1.TEST.tFileInputJSON_1Process(
at mfx_amq_v1.test_0_1.TEST.tFileInputFullRow_1Process(
at mfx_amq_v1.test_0_1.TEST.runJobInTOS(
at mfx_amq_v1.test_0_1.TEST.main(
After hours researching this on the forums and web I can't work out if this behaviour is by design. If not, how can I get it to work?
If it is by design, what's the best way of drip-feeding one object at a time. When I've tried using tIterateToFlow for this it won't compile complaining that "OnSubjobOK cannot be reolved to a variable"
I'd REALLY appreciate any help!!!!
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Re: Iterate Through A Multi-Row JSON File

Having this same problem. Any suggestions?