Iterate Context LOV and call WSDL in a loop

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Iterate Context LOV and call WSDL in a loop

As per my business requirement, I have to call a WSDL and then I need to parse the response (attached the WPOD.xml) and there are many lists of association, attributes.Association contains a list of id(s) using those ids as the parameter  I need to call another  WSDL. So I'm passing the list of association to the child job (as context lov variable) but how do i Iterate the context LOV and call WSDL in a loop and after parsing the response I have to return the collection of (child job ) response to its parent job (as list)


WorkFlow.JPGchildJobContext.JPGplease help me.

For reference I have attached the screen shot of the work flow 

I've highlighted the child job. And also attached the  context parameter.  

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Re: Iterate Context LOV and call WSDL in a loop

You need to iterate each id using tFlowToIterate and pass it to child job, the job design looks like:
main job:

tSOAP: returns the output as Document.
tXMLMap: extract all ids from the returned Document.
tRunJob: call the child job and pass current id to child job via context variable.

child job:
call another WSDL.

Hope it helps you!

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