Issues When Importing Jobs to Studio

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Issues When Importing Jobs to Studio

Hello Community

while we were developing in Studio 6.4.1 we lost all our folders in a particular Project

i looked in my Workspace and all the Jobs exist there

after googling how I may import the Jobs from the Workspace into Studio I found the following steps

Install a new Studio or open the old Studio and change another workspace.
Create a new project and open it.
Right-click Job designs, select 'import items' option.
And then, browse your old workspace and import the job items.
after I click on 'import items' I use the SELECT ROOT DIRECTORY option and navigate to the folders in my Workspace

after i find the directory and click OK, I return and no Jobs appear in the selection screen

this is also the case after I click the Overwrite existing items Check Box


is my approach incorrect?

what am I doing wrong?

please help

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Re: Issues When Importing Jobs to Studio



Although this is not supported, check if the solution in the existing post helps you.