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Issue with tFTPConnection component

I want to establish SFTP connection to a external server using tFTPConnection component in talend job, details below:
port: 12922
Authentication method: public key (using password and open SSH private key both)
I am able to connect to that server with WinScp tool using same details but when connecting via talend job I am getting error as below. This means there cannot be any issue with firewall port or IP addresses of source and destination servers. Is it so that tFTPConnection component only supports port 22 generally used for SFTP?

Exception in component tFTPConnection_1
com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth cancel
  at com.jcraft.jsch.Session.connect(
  at com.jcraft.jsch.Session.connect(
  at finance_coda.ftp_test1_0_1.FTP_test1.tFTPConnection_1Process(
  at finance_coda.ftp_test1_0_1.FTP_test1.runJobInTOS(
  at finance_coda.ftp_test1_0_1.FTP_test1.main(

Any urgent help in this regard would be really helpful. PFB screenshot of tFTPConnection component properties.
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Re: Issue with tFTPConnection component

Can u please share your job design?
I am sharing my connection details with you

Port 22

Re: Issue with tFTPConnection component

Did you use the same credentials for WINSCP tool? Are you using Public Key authentication types in tFTPConnection?
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Re: Issue with tFTPConnection component

Hi Sabrina,
Yes I used the same credentials in Winscp tool.
Yes I am using public key authentication type in tFTPConnection. We are working on Talend 5.6 version.
@Swapnil, I am using port 12922 for SFTP and Authentication method is Key based.
I have attached screenshot for tFTPConnection component.