Issue with JSON generated by TDynamoDBInput

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Issue with JSON generated by TDynamoDBInput

Hi, thanks in advance for your support and responses


We are using the TDynamoDBInput component to connect to a Dynamo DB table and dump the records.

The JSON which gets dumped is of the below format (Please note this is indicative and not actual values)


{key1 = { key2=value2 , key3=value3}}


Now the issue faced by us is that this is not identified as a valid JSON by Redshift Spectrum or any JSON parsing tool

since an ideal JSON would be

{"key1" : { "key2":"value2" , "key3":"value3"}}


( Note the double quotes / Colon which are required in a well structured JSON)


Are we doing something incorrect. Can you please guide.

As such the generated JSON by DynamoDB input cannot be used by any tool which parses JSON.




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Re: Issue with JSON generated by TDynamoDBInput

I just fought with this same issue.  DynamoDB uses what it calls DynamoDB JSON, which is not formatted like a classic JSON string.  What I ended up doing was using the tReplace connector to reformat the JSON string into something usable and then used tExtractJSONFields to break down the JSON string into it's usable parts.

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Re: Issue with JSON generated by TDynamoDBInput

Hi all, 

unfortunately I'm facing the same problem, tested with V7.3.1.M3.

This bug is still not fixed.


@xdshi Can you please add it to your bugtracker and suggest it for implementing the correct quotings within the final V7.3.1 version?


Many thanks in advance!


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