Issue setting up CDC for AS400

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Issue setting up CDC for AS400

I am trying to setup CDC job that pulls data out of AS400. I was able to connect to CDC library and Data Library. I created TSUBSCRIBER Table. However when I right click on a table schema that corresponds data table, there is no Add CDC option on the menu.
Has anyone experienced similar problem? Could you help me with direction of troubleshooting? Is it Talend or AS400 configuration?

I am using Talend Enterprise Studio 5.2.1

Re: Issue setting up CDC for AS400

So far, we are not sure it is a bug in this version(Talend Enterprise Studio 5.2.1) so we need further testing for you. In addition, did you set up your AS400 cdc according to the user manual reference?
How to set up CDC in Redo/Archive log mode (journal) for AS400
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