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Is there a component that will do the reverse of tPivot?

I often have the problem of having a table with patient data that has multiple test results in the same row. I need to get the data into a format where each test result appears in a separate record with the test name entered into a descriptive field.
For example
Patient# Creatinine Potassium Sodium
Patient1 CreatinineValue PotassiumValue SodiumValue
Needs to be
Patient# TestName Value
Patient1 Creatinine CreatinineValue
Patient1 Potassium PotassiumValue
Patient1 Sodium SodiumValue
The reason this is a problem is that in some cases I may have as many as 2000 columns that need to be factored in this manner.
It looks to me like this is the opposite of what tPivot does. SAS does this quite easily with about 10 lines of code in PROC Transpose and doesn't require that the column names be explicitly listed in the code.
Is there a Talend component that will do this? If not, I may need to create one.
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Re: Is there a component that will do the reverse of tPivot?

There is not a component can do this directly. You problem is similar to 5668
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