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Is there a Talend web UI for end users (not admins)?

We have users from different departments/teams using various types of transformations, with different input/output.
Is it possible to have them:
1) Register/log into a web site
2) View the schedule/status of their own jobs, no one else's
3) (Bonus) Be able to actually choose pre-canned transforms we built for them, select input/output and schedule it
4) (Bonus) Be able to have limited control of data mapping, i.e. Excel files that have all the required data elements but different column orders from one to the other, be able to input things into static translation tables like ABC = XYZ.
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Re: Is there a Talend web UI for end users (not admins)?

The Talend Administration Center can also be used from "normal" users. There are a lot of rights to a lot of functions. You can create your own roles and assign them to your users.
There are no restrictions job based - only the functionality can be restricted.
You can create tasks which can be configured with parameters set by the user, but the interface is more technical and not dedicated to unexperienced users.