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Is Talend able to use image classification

Every good guy and ladies hope your day is good, really thankful for those that answer my question. I have never done this before.but is it possible to use Talend to create a model for image classification for survey  If we just insert the image into the design. I wish to know about it because I really want to try it.

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Re: Is Talend able to use image classification


Talend is a code generator ETL tool which use JAVA as the underline technology generated to perform the Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading. 

It does not provide image classification because this is not the focus of Talend as ETL tool.

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Re: Is Talend able to use image classification

As said by @xdshi, Talend DI is an ETL without any native image classification facilities. But it is also an extendable ETL and you can include external librairies or write your own components. So, you can imagine what you want...
Can you give more details regarding your use case? Which kind of classifications do you want to realize? What do you expect with the result?