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Invoke via Java API call

Talend seems like a great product that can solve my data integration needs. However, I need to support the following flow:
I?ve created a job that takes data from 3 different data sources and maps them to a single XML result. I can run this successfully through the studio by manually selecting to run the job. Now I need to wrap a servlet around this process. Basically, a request would come in to my servlet and my servlet would invoke the job (in process via a library is preferred), and get the XML result which the servlet will then write to the output stream.
I?ve seen this done with similar products (e.g. Pervasive) but can this be done with Talend?
Thank you for your help.

Re: Invoke via Java API call

Make a right click on jour job : export Job Scripts
This will generate a zip containing all the needed materials to execute your job externally from TOS.