Interrogation about tWriteJSONField component

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Interrogation about tWriteJSONField component

Hi everybody,


I have an exercice of importation to do for my company now and I am asking myself about this component : TWRITEJSONFIELD.


Let me show you my case :


I have this field :




produced thanks to this tWriteJSONField :



Now in this schema defined above, if I connect the entity name "name" (on the left) to the entity name "summary" (on the right), I have this result in my output file : 



( my talend job)





My question is : is it possible to make a repetition of fields each time I have one line of summary with tWriteJSONField component ?

That is :




In a previous topic the advice given was to use the component tJSONDoc, is it really necessary ? the combination of loop element, group element in tWriteJSONField component are not enought ?

Maybe, I could do this to develop in Java with tJavaRow Component. What is your idea ?


Could you tell me the best solution to work for my problem now ?




Re: Interrogation about tWriteJSONField component


We are making an investigation on your issue that Interrogation about tWriteJSONField component and then come back to you as soon as we can.

Best regards


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