Interactive web application with Talend

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Interactive web application with Talend

I am currently exploring ways how to integrate Talend jobs into an interactive web application. I.e. having Talend jobs configured and controlled by a web browser - respectively using Talend to implement some server logic, serving a web browser client application.
I already found the following working nicely:

Deploying a talend job as Tomcat servlet, that can be accessed with its URL/URI with a web browser
Passing parameter values to the context variables of such a servlet from a web browser and receiving job results with a web browser. Both are well described e.g. in the documentation of of the tBufferOut component

However I have got still some open questions:

Is there any documentation, on which kind of data structure is passed to the web browser by tBufferOut? I can draw my conclusions from the XML data structure, that I see in the examples given, but wonder, if there is not a systematic documentation?
Is there a more convenient way to send CSS / XLT formatted data back to the browser, than the tXLT component, which seems to be not very convenient for flexible output generation and formatting?
Is there a way to send HTML content directly to the browser as result of a job, similiar to e.g. PHP applications do?
Can tRESTResponse be tweaked to send generated HTML content back to a browser?
And overall: Are there any examples or tutorials on building an interactive web application with Talend and a browser interface?
I an interested to exchange any experience, tips & tricks, but also limitations of using Talend as server platform for interactive web applications.
Many thanks for any help in advance!
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Re: Interactive web application with Talend

Hi Markus 
No official documentation available for deploying the job script to a J2EE or PHP application. Talend does not do any testing on this and provide support. 
The job developed in Talend Studio will be scheduled in Talend Administration Center or any third party scheduling tool.
Best regards
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