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Integrating Pentaho | Talend | etc. with an OR Mapper



We have an application (Java) with an own OR mapper. Within this system we have what can be compared to Hibernate's interceptors (we call it triggers): Do specific actions just before saving data in the database, after it's deleted and so on. The underlying database is MySQL.


Now we want to use tools such as Pentaho Data Integration or Talend to convert data to put it into our system. It's no problem to do that directly on the SQL level, but by doing so we loose the built-in power of our triggers.


Is there a way to somehow integrate any of the Data Integration solutions into our existing application? It would be great if there was a way to write into instances of our classes instead of writing into the database directly.


Any hints welcome

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Re: Integrating Pentaho | Talend | etc. with an OR Mapper

Talend studio is a java code generator, you can use Talend studio to do your data integration and export the job as executable script, call the script in your own java application, please refer to:
Calling a Talend Job from an external Java application

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