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((Integer)globalMap.get("tMsgBox_4_RESULT"))) at TMAP

Hi guys. I am getting a variable from tMsgBox_4 and I want to use the value (it's a number) inside TMAP. I am using this to get the result but I am getting an error.
row1.recaudacionSINIVA -  row1.cambiocargado - row1.CC_recaptacio - (row1.visita * ((Integer)globalMap.get("tMsgBox_4_RESULT"))) - row1.CC_Caducados + row1.FACTURACION - row1.CC_facturacio 
Exception in component tMap_1java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer
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Re: ((Integer)globalMap.get("tMsgBox_4_RESULT"))) at TMAP

Hi, try this: Integer.parseInt((String)globalMap.get("tMsgBox_4_RESULT"))
You can't cast a String to an Integer object.....Smiley Happy