((Integer)globalMap.get()) double quote error

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((Integer)globalMap.get()) double quote error


I have created row3.diff (integer field) and try to pass into query like

update tmp
set somevalue='Y'
where tmp.inDate < dateadd(day, ((Integer)globalMap.get("row3.diff")), tmp.outDate)


job cannot run and show error:

syntax error at or near "globalMap" 

I have tried to change to


where tmp.inDate < dateadd(day, '"+((Integer)globalMap.get("row3.diff"))+"', tmp.outDate)

nothing works. Can anybody help me how I should modify?


Thank you very much!





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Re: ((Integer)globalMap.get()) double quote error

I believe you are using the dateadd function incorrectly. There are no quotes around "day", yet you have single quotes around the diff value. Can you copy and paste your entire query (with all quotes) and let us know which database you are using. I'm assuming it is Oracle?




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