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Installing Talend on Oracle Linux

Could I run into troubles when installing Talend on Oracle Linux?
This distro is not listed as supported platform in the installation guide, but I guess since it's based on Red Hat, it shouldn't give any problems.
Anyone experience with this?
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Re: Installing Talend on Oracle Linux

It's not because a platform is not mentioned as supported that it won't work.
However you won't be able to use your support contract if you had any trouble with it as we don't provide support for the platforms that are not cleared stated as supported.
I hope somebody can share his/her experience of this platform wiht you.
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Re: Installing Talend on Oracle Linux

Hi Saukema,
I have successfully installed Talend in Red Hat Linux EC2.
Please follow the steps below.

How to open talend in EC2
when ./talend****** it was giving desktop not set error
Before install xulrunner
Follow these post to install and configure xulrunner
To download
To configure
so wanted to install gui to red hat linux in EC2
Follow this to install vnc-server, kde desktop, xwindows startup envt, etc.
yum install vnc-server
Follow this video step by step to configure vnc server
add firewall execption to ports or disable firewall from below command
]#service iptables stop

download vnc 5.0.5-windows 7021 kb and install it register there you will get a key emailed enter that key. Remember to avoid any errors install both vnc server in viewer in your windows. Later open vnc viewer
run enter root (or any user that you have created) password you had set it in while vncpasswd setting
to connect ipaddress:1 (is the num assigned in /etc/sysconfig/vncservers)
dont install .rpm package to install vnc in linux try yum install only since you will not know where the .rpm packages are installed.
disable firewall in windows also
vnc viewer ( name 2. let vnc choose (encryption) 3. username () 4. password connect
It will connect.
Remember each time you want to connect to linux using vnc server you should make sure that you have disabled firewalls of linux using ]#service iptables stop command.
Now when you connect using vnc server you should be able to see desktop of Red hat or in your case oracle linux.
I am facing error in downloading modules in Linux in Talend studio. It says downloading modules but later says zero modules installed succesffully. If i individually say download and install modules, it says failed. Dont know why?
Hope this helps.