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Installation of Z_TALEND_INFOPROV_READ_RFC fails

Hi, I am trying to install the transport  provided under the <Talend_Studio>\plugins\org.talend.libraries.sap_<version>\resources directory which is required to connect to SAP BW system using Talend Studio. When the transport is installed on the SAP BW system, it gives the following error:
Program ZCL_TALEND_INFOPROV_SERVICE===CP contains no syntax errors
Database COMMIT executed
Program ZCX_TALEND_INFOPROV_EXCEPTION=CP contains no syntax errors
Database COMMIT executed
Program SAPLZ_TALEND, Include LZ_TALEND$02: Syntax error in line 000033
In RFC, no line categories are allowed that contain table types or reference types.
Database COMMIT executed
Can anyone please suggest a solution for this?

Re: Installation of Z_TALEND_INFOPROV_READ_RFC fails

We ship two different transports for BW. TBDK900019 is for BW 7.4 and TBDK900017 for 7.3. For further details see the knowledge base entries at
You installing the correct transport?
Thomas Steinborn
VP Product Management