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Installation of Talend Runtime

I am new to Talned and I have been looking at buying the Talend Enterprise Edition.But, looking at the installation document and pre-requisites, I have a few questions:
1. From where can I get the Talend Runtime application and Talend Job server application matching the version of my Talend Enterprise Data Integration.
Will these two applications will be zipped together with the TIS bundle.
2. From where can I get Talend Artifact Repository.

Re: Installation of Talend Runtime

Yes, when you buy an Enterprise or a Platform product, you receive an email with your license key and the links to download your products: you can either install your products manually or install them with the Talend Installer.
For a detailed list of packages, search "software package" in Talend Help Center (you will find them in a section called 'Installation requirements":
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Re: Installation of Talend Runtime

Thanks a lot lgaudens.
I have one more doubt:
Are there any issues/complications involved if I installed Talend on a Virtual Machine instance rather than the actual Server. If yes, could you please let me know. And if I use host Talend on a VM instance for production, does it have nay performance bottlenecks?