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Inserting only TIME into Table

I am trying to insert a DATE formatted as "HH:mm:ss" into a Netezza Table as a TIME formatted as "HH:mm:ss". I am able to parse and format the time correctly but when I go to insert it into the table I receive the following error:
ERROR: Bad time external representation '1970-01-01 13:59:29.0'
But when I view it from a tLogRow it shows up in the correct format of 13:59:29 PM . What is causing this issue?
Talend Platform for Data Management,
Version: 5.3.1
Build id: r104014
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Re: Inserting only TIME into Table

Please check the output date pattern in Netezza output component. If the date pattern is different, then this might cause this error.
Try using a delimited file output and check. Since there is no date, it is taking default date as 1/1/1970 with time and trying to insert it into a time field.
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Re: Inserting only TIME into Table

Talend cannot hold only time. It will always hold the value as datetime. Even if the date format is specified to be HH:mm:ss it is still a datetime object and will contain a date. The solution would be to convert the datetime stamp into a String containing only the time.
Inside your Database output component change the talend type "Type" from DATE to String but keep the "DB Type" as TIME.