Insert/update new records with tmap

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Insert/update new records with tmap

Hi Team, 

I am very new to Talend, can someone help me on this. 

We have a table in source system with 6 lakhs records and loaded this data into target DB as a bulk load. 

Every day we have few records added to this table, for this, I have used tmap with inner join and rejecting rows loading into the target table. 

While doing this, its taking lot of time in this transaction (total 6.3 lakhs records with inner join and rejected rows move to the target table) to fetch the rejected rows and load into the target. 


Please suggest how we can improve the performance for this. 



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Re: Insert/update new records with tmap

Hi Jayrapolu,


you can try to increase the "Max buffer size" in tMap "Advanced settings" .


Best regards,




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