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Input Excel to DataWarehouse (Dimension Tables And Fact Table Load)

Got an Excel with Some Months Data.. Need to Unpivot those Months to Rows and Select the UniQue Column values for Dimension Tables.
From the Particular Column With Months Data need to Create Fact Table with Values.
Need to Create Unpivot From Excel..
And Pivot From Unpivoted Data.
Distinct Column Values for Dimension Table (With No Null Value)
From Pivoted Data Need to Form Fact Table with Dimension Table Join.
Using SQL Server as DB. (So my Metadata will be Stored in SQL Server Tables).
Have to Check Any Duplicates and New Entry for 2nd Time Input.
Have attached Image From Excel With step by Step
Image1: (Input Excel)
Image2: (Unpivoted Months Column to Rows)
Imgae3: (Unique Column Values for Datawarehouse Dimension Tables and Product Table)
Imgae4: (Pivoted Data From Image2 Output)
Image5: (From Pivoted Data Datawarehouse Fact Tables Load - Joins from All Dimension Tables)
Please help me How could I use the above Steps to Built the DB using Talend.
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Re: Input Excel to DataWarehouse (Dimension Tables And Fact Table Load)

Come on, this is why some companies order consultants to solve problems. Your question is a bit complex and actually it looks a bit someone other should do the job.
At first I would think about putting the excel content into a database table (say staging). With SQL you can do a lot more complex and helpful things as with processing row by row of an excel file.
Extracting dimensions are greatly supported with SQL distinct expressions. Unpivot data are possible with some User components - search for unpivot in Talend Exchange.