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Indexes on log tables for AMC

Hello, I am trying to take advantage of the AMC. We've been using the three Talend logging tables for a while, so they've grown quite large. Can someone tell me which columns on those tables should be indexed to improve performance of the AMC?
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Re: Indexes on log tables for AMC

Why are you wanting to retain the data "for a while"? What are you trying to accomplish?
If you must retain AMC data, say for long term for historical reporting, then I suggest you roll off data from the Talend database into an archival or analytic database to maintain the runtime performance of you jobs that write to the AMC.
You may find that indexing the AMC will slow your jobs as they now need to maintain the index.

Re: Indexes on log tables for AMC

that is why the AMC provides multiple connections
you can have one for 'current' and another for 'historical'