Importing Projects

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Importing Projects

I have been sent a TOS Project in a ZIP file.
I am trying to import the Project from TOS v4; I am doing it from the login window of TOS, selecting the option "Import existing project(s) as Local" and clicking "GO", I tick "Select archive file" (after giving it a Project name, as required) and click the "Import several projects" button.
Then, I am requested (again) to choose either a path or a file which I do not really understand as I am thinking that I have already providided this info in the previous window but... anyway, I provide again the zip file.
And TOS says "No projects are found to import".
What do you think I am doing wrong?
Thank you.
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Re: Importing Projects

Hi Ted,
Once you select 'GO' in the login window.
You will find 'Import' wizard. Observe that there are two buttons
you can click on i.e., 'Import Project As' OR 'Import Several Projects'.
You can click on any one of the buttons at once, to select the project
archive. Once selected, click 'Finish'.
The 'Import Project As' is used to import the existing project and
create a new Project Name for it.
However, the 'Import Several Projects' is used to search for all the
exisitng projects in the local system. And if you intend to import
more than one project simultaneosuly.
This wizard also helps to import the projects created on previous
releases of the Open Studio.
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Re: Importing Projects

Hi Ted
I suspect we had your problem. The export project feature doesn't seem to provide all the necessary files to import it (at least not from Jasper ETL version 4.1.2). You are probably missing the .project file but may have the talend.project file. I found I had to create a new project and import the existing parts. It is silly but you don't seem to lose anything.
I could probably try it again for you if you have further troubles.
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Re: Importing Projects

Good to know that about Talend Open Studio for Data Integration,
thanks for sharing this information with us....


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