Import XML-Files based on a RFID-Reader (Stream)

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Import XML-Files based on a RFID-Reader (Stream)


I am new at Talend ESB.
I am trying to connect an RFID-Reader with Talend ESB to load the files out of the Reader into an MySQL Database.

I am now trying for approximately 4 weeks to get the RFID Tags into Talend. I have to send a XML over a TCP-Connection to the Reader and will get the XML-Stream back from the Reader. I have Code based on java which sends and gets XML Files buti do not know how to use this in Talend. Maybe i should use the tSocketOutput or-Input? and how could i get this Files into my MySQL-Database?

I am thankfull for every idea Smiley Happy


Re: Import XML-Files based on a RFID-Reader (Stream)


We don't find any related RFID-Reader (Stream)feature in talend. Could you please create a new feature jira issue on talend bug tracker?

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