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Import WSDL Schemas doesn't work

when a service have more than one operation the functionality "Import WSDL Schemas" doesn't work. It only import the xml schemas for the first operation. Is that a bug or depend of my installation?
Thank you.
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Re: Import WSDL Schemas doesn't work

"Import WSDL Schemas" doesn't work for me too, it only imports the first operation or even doesn't import anything at all.
I think that probably this behaviour should be a bug because I've replaced it many times with different WSDL.
Anyone experiencing the same problem?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Import WSDL Schemas doesn't work

I'm experiencing the same problem too. Nothing appears in the talend .log and no response from the Talend Support.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Import WSDL Schemas doesn't work

Hello all,
indeed there are two issues and I don't know if Talend is aware of them or working on them.. nevertheless there's a way around:
- if you added a new operation to a web service in the TOS editor, it may 'forget' to put the operation under the binding element, so check the WSDL source of the binding contains all operations.
Second - what I often do is - open the wsdl in SoapUI and create a sample request and response. I store the XML files (request and response). Then I manually import the XML files into TOS metadatta (once for input xml and once for output xml). I know - a little overhead, but works well.
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