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Import SSL Certificate on Talend

Can someone please help me with my problem on Talend, I need to import an SSL certificate on Talend Data Integration V5.6.1.  All  I have is a certificate and a pdf with procedures how to import SSL certificate on DataLoader .  From similar Forum, I have been able to understand that it might be possible with the use of tSetKeyStore & tWebService, but I did not got any concise sets of procedures to follow from like in the pdf attached.  Is there a similar discussion online where this issue was addressed on which I can refer or can you please provide me with a few procedures to cater for this.
Will it be possible not to drag & drop further components, because otherwise I will have to repeat that for around 50 jobs in my project.  Now if I don’t have other options beside using components, no problem, that fine, provided I will be able to solve this issue(import the ssl certificate).

Re: Import SSL Certificate on Talend

Could you please take a look at a jira issue: to see if it is what you are looking for?
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