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Implicit Context Load step by step

Currently, I'm having my TOS projects with internal contexts with 3 different variations : my PC, QA and LIVE.
But for this, I'm having 3 context files generated for each job after I've exported the jobs.
And my project has 60+ jobs.
So, I'm having more than 180 context files which contains more or less the same data.
It is really troublesome to do maintenance if I want to modify some context parameter.
I have to open the TOS, change the context and regenerate the jobs and re-deploy into the LIVE env.
or I can manually fix inside the context files which are more than 60 files.
So, in my understanding, we can use implicit context load and/or tContextLoad component to use the external file or db as the source of context, right?
I mean, I want only one context file for each project and all jobs will use this context file only for parameter.
How can I carry this out???
please advise...
Thank You.
Kyaw Lwin Phyo
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Re: Implicit Context Load step by step

Hi Kyaw
Yes, you can use only one context file and predefine all context variables in it.
But the name of each context variable must be unique.
For more info, you can get scenario in the document ->tContextLoad.