Implicit Context From File - 7.1.1 is Different

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Implicit Context From File - 7.1.1 is Different

Under v7.0.1 we were able to use a relative path to a context file. This still works when we deploy a job but v7.1.1 can't find the file when we run the job from within the studio.It appears that the jobs are now built and run from a different folder under v7.1.1. I can place the file so that the job can find it but this needs to be done for each job. Can I create a relative path to the context that is always seen from the test jobs? Or can I tell Talend to always run the test from the same location and place the file relative to it? Thanks.

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Re: Implicit Context From File - 7.1.1 is Different



     Unfortunately this is a classic issue when relative path is used for file path of an important file. My recommendation will to be change the path to absolute path since you need to make some changes. This will make sure that any future upgrades will not create any issue for your job flow.


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Re: Implicit Context From File - 7.1.1 is Different

Hi Dewey,


A nice workaround to your problem may be found in these blogs I put together....


Did you know that you can use routines in the Implicit Content Load parameters? The blogs should probably be read in sequence, but jump to blog 3 to see how you can use routines with the Implicit Context Load. What I have described there is much more complicated than you need, but it might give you some ideas



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