Illegal conversion SQL exception in tImapla_Input

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Illegal conversion SQL exception in tImapla_Input

In my job, I create a table which has some string fields and one bigdecimal field. I load data from a file into it. Everything runs fine.
After loading data, the table looks this is:
| network_level_1_name | network_level_1_id | network_level_1_hash |
| abc           | 1:abc       | 4437926507370143399  | 
network_level_1_hash is of type bigdecimal and other two are of type string.
When I try to retrieve that data using tImpala_Input with this query:
"select * from <TABLE NAME> order by  day "
It gives me this error:
Exception in component tImpalaInput_1
java.sql.SQLException: Illegal conversion
at org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveBaseResultSet.getBigDecimal(
at tImpalaInput_1Process(

I am using Talend Big Data 6.2.1.
Can someone tell me why it is getting issues in retrieving a Big Decimal field?

Re: Illegal conversion SQL exception in tImapla_Input

It seems that the problem is a mismatch between the Java type of a schema column and the actual returned value from the query. 
Would you mind showing us your schema setting screenshot of tImpalaInput component?
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