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IP Address match to CIDR range

Using Talend 6 Open data integration. Is it possible to compare an IP address from an apache log to a number of CIDR ranges and pick the correct range or do I need to expand out the CIDR range and have a much larger lookup ?
If you imagine my lookup table would be structured something like the simple csv example below. If the IP address was I get the networkname "Blue" 
CIDR,NetworkName, Orange,Blue

Would I need to expand the CIDR value to include all the IP addresses and do a simple string comparison or is there a smarter way with Talend?
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Re: IP Address match to CIDR range

I think the best way to do this is to use the Apache Commons Net library ( Use a tJavaRow to use something similar to the following code....
String cidr = input_row.cidr;
String ip = input_row.ip;
SubnetUtils su = new SubnetUtils(cidr);
SubnetUtils.SubnetInfo info = su.getInfo();
output_row.ip = ip;
output_row.pass = info.isInRange(ip);
output_row.cidr = cidr;

The "cidr" and "ip" columns are String columns holding the cidr code and ip address to be compared. The "pass" column is a boolean used to return whether the ip is in the cidr range.
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Re: IP Address match to CIDR range

Thanks, looks like an elegant solution instead of expanding out the subnets