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I need help creating a job taking in multiple XML and iterating the through row and adding to the output row



I need to take multiple XML input (using REST) in write them to a DB table. The tricky bit is that, for each row, I will need to go get additional data to complete the row. Let me explain.


When do my first REST query, I will get a list of orders with  (OrderID, First and last Name, Address, Total amount). Than for each order, I have to make another REST call  using the OrderID to get the items ordered, it will contain (OrderID, Item, quantity, price, etc..). I will need to combine the order row with item ordered  row to import them in my DB table.  If the orders contain two or more type of product, than I would need an order line for each product.  Not sure how to go about doing this, Should I write multiple file and than read the file back in and how do I go through the orderID to get all the items ordered.


Any help would be much appreciated. 


Thank you