How to write error log to file

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How to write error log to file



I want to write error log from my job insert data to mysql db. I have got error log on talend console  and i want write it to file, like picture below :5.PNG


How to write that error log to file?



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Re: How to write error log to file


Error logging at the project level
This section explains how to set logging at the project level.
Navigate to File > Edit project settings > Job settings.
Select the check box below Stats and Logs to enable the logging at the project level.
If logging at the project level is enabled, every new Job created inherits the settings.

Configure the output of your logs by choosing one of the options below.
Error logging in the console
This section explains how to configure your project to display the logs in the console.
Navigate to Job settings > Stats & Logs.
Select the check box to the left of On Console.
These logs are not captured anywhere and are overwritten every time you run a Job.

Error logging in a file
This section explains how to capture the logs in files.

Capturing the logs in files is a better option, because you can use the log to see details about the stats, logs and even meter/data flow. If project level logging is enabled, you do not need to separately configure components such as tLogCatcher, tFlowMeter and tStatCatcher.

Select the check box to the left of On File.
Although the screen shows static file names, they can be modified by appending a timestamp to their name. This way, you have a different log file for each timestamp. Otherwise, it would append the same file for every execution.


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Manish Suryawanshi,

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Re: How to write error log to file

Hi @vitspltalend,


I have been following your suggestion, but still can not get log from talend console. This is my configuration :



This is picture  where file have been created from my talend config. Just one file have been created and error log from console still have not captured.7.PNGThanks.


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