How to use the tssh component

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How to use the tssh component

I am trying to run an stand-alone job on an EC2 instance, which needs to connect to database through ssh tunneling.

Any guide on how to use the tssh component for this? 

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Re: How to use the tssh component


Are your ssh host and DB server on the same machine?

Here is a document that Karaf pertains ssh:TalendHelpCenter:Connecting and disconnecting remotely

Hope it will help.

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Re: How to use the tssh component

You can refer to for a complete explanation I posted today. 

A question for the Talend team : this is a pretty common use case; can we see in the short term a correction for the error below?


javax.crypto.ShortBufferException: Cannot store MAC in output buffer

This is triggered by a long URL (as is the case for RDS databases) in the 'L Tunnel String' field for the tSshTunnel component. A workaround is to find the database server URL in the ec2-xx-xx-xx-xx format, which involves the use of tracing tools and is not a good solution as the IP addresses are normally dynamic.

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