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How to use tS3Get to copy entire S3 folder?


I am have a requirement where I need to copy s3 folder to local.


I am currently using tS3fileList to list all the files in S3 source folder and then iterate through each of the file to copy it to local using tS3get. 


Is there option in tS3Get to copy entire S3 folder to local, instead of copying file by file?

Something similar to command below.

aws s3 cp s3://bucketName/SourceFolder Localfolder/ 

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Re: How to use tS3Get to copy entire S3 folder?


So far, there is no option that copying entire S3 folder to local.

You can use thiswork flow tS3Connection-->tS3List-->iterate-->tS3Get to get entire S3 path.

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