How to use tOracleOutputBulkExec

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How to use tOracleOutputBulkExec

I have Created a talend job where i am using tOracleInput and tOracleOutput Components for Database operations.

On local it is talking approximately 15 minutes.

But when i deployed the java source code of talend job on AWS it is taking almost 1 hour.

So i need to reduce the time of talend job in AWS.


Please let me know the steps to configure tOracleOutputBulkExec, to make bulk update in database.

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Re: How to use tOracleOutputBulkExec

The documentation for that component does a good job explaining how it works and includes some example scenarios which may help you with your solution:


Re: How to use tOracleOutputBulkExec


If you have questions about a specific component, within a job you can press F1 and select a component to get a link to the documentation for that component.

Feel free to let us know if it is Ok with you.

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