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How to use "not supported" Camel modules in Talend ESB?

Recently I was working in a Talend route (Talend 6.3.1), trying to integrate Solarwinds and Hipchat, and I discovered that the 'hipchat' endpoint isn't really supported in Talend ESB (a JIRA ticket was created for Talend R&D team). It seems like out-of-the-box not all Camel modules are supported by Talend ESB, only some of them (and the 'hipchat' module isn't one of them).

Has any of you faced a similar situation? Were you able to solve it? How?

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Re: How to use "not supported" Camel modules in Talend ESB?


Could you please post the URL of JIRA ticket about 'hipchat' endpoint isn't supported on forum? We will make an investigation on it.

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Re: How to use "not supported" Camel modules in Talend ESB?


Here is the initial endpoint:




And this is a new one that partially solves the problem, although the message isn't published into the Hipchat room:




The inital exception was caused by a strange behavior of  Camel "hipchat" component regarding taking parameters from connection URI. The second endpoint URI, with protocol defined both as URI schema and a parameter and port defined as a parameter isn't triggering any exception, but it is still not working.