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How to use component parameter "Use Service Activity Monitor"

Both components tESBProviderRequest and tESBConsumer provide a parameter called "Use Service Activity Monitor".
I am using Talend ESB Studio SE and ask myself:
a) Can I use this option with ESB SE or only in ESB EE?
b) How does it work? Afaik these components are closed source, right? e.g. How is my SAM Server discovered? I cannot enter location/port/url of my MonitoringServiceSOAP
c) Can I use this option only when deploying to the ESB or can I use this feature also when executing the job in the Studio?
So far I have read the SAM Guide and Development Guide which explain how to use the SAM agent to automatically send events when designing services outside of the Studio. But I didn't find any information how to use the parameter "Use Service Activity Monitor" when designing a data job involving tESBProviderRequest and tESBConsumer.
Thank you in advance

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Re: How to use component parameter "Use Service Activity Monitor"

Hello Robert,
I want to re-assure you that none of the ESB features are closed-source. You can find SAM sources (all of them including agent and server) in and Service Locator sources in . These sources are available under Apache 2.0 license including build scripts and configuration.
You can freely use the component features too, they are available in the Open Studio for ESB, for both data services and routes. What's not available in open source version is administrative console where you can analyze data stored in SAM database.
To your question:
a) answered above.
b) SAM Server location is configured in TESB_HOME/container/etc/org.talend.esb.sam.agent.cfg
c) SAM and SL are not yet supported in Studio.
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Re: How to use component parameter "Use Service Activity Monitor"

Hi zubairov,
Thank you for your fast reply!
I finally got it to work with a service designed in Studio!
This great tutorial helped me a lot:
I learned that Talend Jobs don't start, when the OSGi bundle gets activated, but that a job:start is necessary.
But please let me ask again whether the source code of the components tESBProviderRequest and tESBConsumer is available and where to find it.

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