How to upload shared context variables

I'm trying out the integration cloud and built a standard job in the studio.  I've published the job to the cloud but it doesn't seem to publish the context from the shared repository.  I get a null pointer when trying to access those context variables.
How do we upload a shared context repository?

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Re: How to upload shared context variables

Hello Chris
Sorry for the delayed response. Where do you access the context variables? In another job?
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Re: How to upload shared context variables

Your solution architect informed me that there is a specific naming convention.  Apparently shared contexts are connections so you have to have "connection_contextgroupname_variable".  so if you have a context group called sfdc and fields username, password, you have to create it like "connection_sfdc_username" and "connection_sfdc_password" in your studio job.  Then in TIC, you have to create a connection with sfdc as the name and the variables are "username" and "password".  And if you want to use local job contexts, they have to be "parameter_variable" in your studio job and will show up as "variable" in TIC.  Quite specific for it to work.