How to troubleshoot the error 'Job was not built successfully'


Sometimes, building Jobs from Studio fails with the following error:

java.lang.Exception: Job was not built successfully, please check the logs for more details 
 at org.talend.repository.ui.wizards.exportjob.scriptsmanager.BuildJobManager.buildJob( 
 at org.talend.repository.ui.wizards.exportjob.scriptsmanager.BuildJobManager.buildJob( 
 at org.talend.repository.ui.wizards.exportjob.scriptsmanager.BuildJobManager.buildJobs( 
 at org.talend.repository.ui.wizards.exportjob.JobScriptsExportWizardPage.buildJobWithMaven( 
 at org.talend.repository.ui.wizards.exportjob.JobScriptsExportWizardPage$


The Studio .log file doesn't provide any further details about the root cause.

How do you identify the root cause in this situation?



  1. From a DOS cmd console, launch Studio in debug mode with the following command:
    Talend-Studio-win-x86_64 --talendDebug > studio_debug.log
  2. Once Studio is started, go to Window > Show view > General > Console.
  3. Build the Job again, and once the error is thrown, check the Console view, which should provide further details on why the build failed.
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