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How to set up complex Greenplum Query in Talend?

Hello there Talend Community, 


I am rather new to Talend and am not sure what the best practice is to design a Talend job that outputs an Excel file from a complex query. I'm hitting about 10 tables with sub queries and from 3 different schemas from a Greenplum DB but I haven't found a simple solution to do so (tmap, multiple tGreenplumInput)


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Re: How to set up complex Greenplum Query in Talend?


What does your complex Greenplum query look like? Could you please set an example for us?

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Re: How to set up complex Greenplum or Postgresql query in Talend?

I actually was able to fix the query (removed dashes, notes and aliases with quotes) and am using a Postgresql Input component now but have a "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:" error. I believe I have the proper modules installed (see attached) so I'm not sure what the exact issue is.